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Monday, January 19, 2015
Upcoming elections of officers in Nice sep 2016
Thursday, November 17, 2011
UEMS official Charter of CNR and INR
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Members of the board

Prof Dr Olof Flodmark

Dr Péter Barsi

Dr Laurent Pierot

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Division of Neuroradiology

In an inaugural meeting in Brussels on September 13th 2008, the "Division of Neuroradiology" was formed. The officers of the Division were elected and Professor Olof FIodmark, Sweden, was elected as the first President of this division. Professor Massimo Gallucci from Italy was elected General Secretary and Professor Peter Barsi of Hungary was elected Treasurer.


The birth of the Division of Neuroradiology may prove to be the most important event in the history of European Neuroradiology. The "Division of Neuroradiology" effectively provides Neuroradiology with a "face and voice" in Brussels. We are now recognised as a radiological speciality defined by a training program and a body of knowledge that is specific for Neuroradiology.


It is in most cases the National Medical Associations formally appointing the national delegates to the "Division of Neuroradiology"!  The proper procedure will therefore be for the National Societies of Neuroradiology to contact the member of UEMS in their respective country and propose their choice of delegates to the UEMS "Division of Neuroradiology". It is suggested that each member country appoints two delegates, representing "universities and practising neuroradiologists on an equal footing".  They shall be confirmed by their country's National Medical Organisation recognised by UEMS.






pdfEditorial Div of Neuroradiology.pdf
Eds Flodmark, Leonardi, Schumacher Article on Div of Neuroradiology Published Neuroradiology 51, 2009