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Letter from President, Dec 2016

Dear Colleagues

As you know, on 28th October, 2016 in Rome, the new Board of the UEMS Division of Neuroradiology, Radiology Section was elected; with myself as a president, Prof. Gerhard Schroth as a treasurer and Dr. Francesca B. Pizzini as a secretary general.

First I would like to thank very much the previous Board (President: Prof. Olof Flodmark, Secretary General: Prof. Laurent Pierot, Treasurer: Prof. Peter Barsi) for their hard work in the last cadency.

We had a first electronic meeting of the new Board on 30th Nov, 2016. Regarding the logistic issues. Dr. Pizzini will take care for the website of the Division. The email address of the Board office (uems.neuroradiology@gmail.com) will be shared by Dr. Pizzini and Ms. Magdalena Laczynska (my secretary). Prof. Schroth will collect the financial data from Prof. Barsi, after that we will send to you the call for Division fees for 2017. The rate will remain the same (200 Euro per country).

We decided the meetings of the national delegates of Division in 2017 will be held during European Congress of Radiology in Vienna (March 1st-5th, 2017) and during ESNR Meeting in Malmo, Sweden (13-17 Sep 2017). The exact dates will be established later on.

The Board of the Division is going to cooperate closely with the Board of Radiology Section (Prof. Paolo Ricci), which will be easier now because it was decided that the President of the Division of Neuroradiology becomes automatically the member of the Board of the Radiology Section.

We decided also to cooperate closely with ESNR and ESMINT. I will be responsible for the contacts with ENSR, whereas Prof. Schroth- with ESMINT. Despite the known controversies regarding Currriculum of Interventional Neuroradiology, the Board of the Division would like to work on the further discussion and agreement among ESNR, ESMINT and UEMS concerning the interventional radiology issues, which would be approved by the European neuroradiology community.

We discussed also the problem of the spine interventional neuroradiologists, who currently are not included in the curriculum of spine interventions. We decided to prepare the formal proposal on this together with Prof. Mario Muto, the chairman of the Interventional Spine Committee of ESNR.


In case of any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

I wish you all the best during the Christmas time and in the New Year 2017.

Sincerely yours,

Prof. Marek Sasiadek

President, UEMS Division of Neuroradiology, Radiology Section


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