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Election board officers 10th of sep 2016

Please note NEW announcement of election of officers for the Division board 10TH of Sept 2016


Candidates submitted to the President Olof Flodmark, please note new candidates for treasurer!

Position and candidates



Marek Sasiadek

Patrick Brouwer

Kyriakos Lobotesis


Laurent Pierot

Francesca Pizzini


Gerhard Schroth

Athanasios Gouliamos

Board member can be appointed for two periods of four years each period.

Officers up to date .

Treasurer, Dr Peter Barsi, Accredited delegate from Hungary

1st period 2008 - 2012

2nd period 2012 - 2016

Secretary, Dr Laurent Pierot, Accredited delegate from France

1st period 2012 - 2016

Dr Massimo Gallucci held the position 2008 - 2012

President, Dr Olof Flodmark, Accredited delegate from Sweden

1st period 2008 - 2012

2nd period 2012 - 2016

Rules of procedure of electing Division board: (UEMS Radiology Section, Riga, 30 September 2009)

"The election of officers will be initiated by the Secretary of the Division Board who shall notify the delegates and the Board members of any forthcoming vacancies six months prior to the election. Candidatures for Division Board membership, on the instigation of individual delegates or of the Division Board, shall be submitted to the Secretary of the Board and then announced in writing to the delegates to the Division, the Board of the Division and the Board of the Section at least three months prior to the election. Election will be decided at the Division meeting by simple majority voting in a secret ballot procedure".

The voting procedure

The vote will be carried out by means of written secret ballots presented by an accredited member of each accredited national delegation during the meeting. Vote by mail or phone is not accepted. Each delegation has one vote only and only if they have fulfilled membership payments and the delegation is in good standing.

Vote by proxy is allowed only by means of a signed original letter with official letterhead of the Delegation, in practice common letterhead that delegates will use already in their correspondence. The following is an example of such a proxy letter and should be followed!

"Hereby Mr/Ms xxx Delegate of Italy gives a proxy to Mr/Ms yyy Delegate of France to Represent xxx at the UEMS-Radiology - Division of Neuroradiology meeting in Nice, September 10th 2016 ."

Each delegate can carry only one proxy.

The Division preferably receives the proxy well in advance, but nothing prohibits the delegate from presenting the official proxy on the day of the elections, as long as the authorisation is valid.


Olof Flodmark, president




pdfLast Call and Agenda 16th meeting, New list election officers.pdf

Last updated: Wednesday, August 24, 2016