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Letter from the president 2011

Letter from the President, Oct 2011


The UEMS Division of Neuroradiology has now been in operation for two years. The first couple of meeting have been occupied by trying to formulate the mode of operation for the Division and making sure that the national delegates have proper credentials and feel comfortable in this new role for neuroradiologists. There are now 15 accredited national delegates to the Division.


The work during 2010 has very much been dominated by efforts to produce training Charters in Clinical and Interventional neuroradiology. The curriculum in clinical neuroradiology is very much building on the work done within ESNR before creation of the UEMS Division. The Training Charter in Endovascular Interventional neuroradiology has been built on a different concept, the concept of "Particular competence", designed by UEMS to allow creation of new areas of competence that are of interest to more than one established specialty within UEMS.


At the meeting of the UEMS Radiology Section in Vienna on the 5th of March 2011, these two Charters was unanimously approved and was approved unanimously and with acclamation in the Council of UEMS in Naples, 8 Oct 2011 . This is of course an issue that concerns all neuroradiologists in Europe as this Charter will be adopted by UEMS and then becomes part of the EU Directive of professional specialisation, among others, applicable for doctors in Europe. The Charters were unanimously accepted at the meeting of the Division of Neuroradiology, on the 4th of February 2011.


There are still countries without accredited national delegate to the Division of Neuroradiology. I think this is unfortunate, particularly in these times when important decisions for all European neuroradiologists are being made.


There is still time for your society to nominate a delegate and for your National Medical Association to accredit the same delegate to represent your country in the UEMS Division of neuroradiology. I would urge you to start this process as soon as possible!


Sincerely yours


Olof Flodmark, Professor

Chairman of UEMS Division of Neuroradiology

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